Danny Raposo

Hometown: Brampton, Ont. 

Currently Resides: Brampton, Ont.  Occupation: Construction worker
Signature Dish: Chorizo on Rice with Beer Mustard Sauce

Danny Raposo is a construction worker from Brampton, Ont. He started cooking when his two children were born, and cites his father as his main inspiration. Danny blasts ‘The Real’ DJ Danny D and house music while he cooks, and considers himself a great singer and dancer.

The title of MasterChef Canada would mean one thing for Danny – cooking. He just plain loves it and calls it his dream job. He’s already started writing his own cookbook with recipes true to his Portuguese heritage and dreams of opening a restaurant chain called “Big D’s House of Munch” across Canada. Despite his rough exterior, Danny is a self-proclaimed nice guy ready to lend a hand to charitable causes.