Josh Gale

Hometown: Vancouver
Currently Resides: Vancouver  Occupation: IT Sales
Signature Dish: Seared Scallops on a grilled corn and avocado relish

Josh works in Corporate IT Sales, and while he only began cooking two years ago, he remembers being in love with food since he was a teenager. It took a serious back injury and a few months off work to get him tinkering in the kitchen. Josh cites Michelin-style dishes as a main inspiration – he’s attracted to artistic plating and the look of food as much as the way it tastes. Josh also loves braising and smoking meat, and has a special interest in working with new tools and products in the culinary space.

Josh has several ambitions that motivated him to become a cook and competitor on MASTERCHEF CANADA. He wants to inspire Canadians to eat more home grown food emphasizing local ingredients. If Josh wins the title of MasterChef Canada, he plans to spend the winnings on a load of “crazy cooking gear” to begin creating his food empire, including his own restaurant and a cooking show. Josh’s secret – he has a tattoo of Gordon Ramsay somewhere on his body.