Julie Miguel

Hometown: Woodbridge, Ont.
Currently Resides: Woodbridge, Ont.  Occupation: Senior Analyst
Signature Dishes: Italian Doughnuts (Zeppole) with Espresso and Lemon Crème Anglaise

Julie is a bankruptcy analyst from Woodbridge, Ont. She met her husband in high school and warmly reflects that her son is her proudest accomplishment. After the tragic passing of her mother when Julie was just a teenager, she took on the responsibility of cooking for her entire family. Now, cooking is more than a proud inheritance – it’s a stress release and a wonderful escape from her desk job. Julie loves working with desserts, specifically fresh pastries and cakes. You can usually hear The Beatles in the background while Julie cooks, but she also loves to have her son play his mini-guitar.

Julie sees MASTERCHEF CANADA as the pivotal next step in her cooking story. She spent a lot of time in the kitchen throughout her life, and wants that commitment to build into something special. Taking the top prize would mean realizing her dream of attending culinary school. Julie hopes to open her own dessert café, focusing on speciality coffees and ice cream. She’s also very excited to keep a promise she made in person to MASTERCHEF judge Gordon Ramsay four years ago; if MASTERCHEF ever came to Canada, she’d be the first to sign up, and the first to win.