Vanessa Morgan and Celina Mziray - Sisters

Vanessa Morgan and Celina Mziray - Sisters 

Celina Mziray

Age: 30 (Nov. 19, 1982)
Nickname: C, Celina Ballerina

Occupation: Bikini Model

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Place of Birth: Ottawa, ON

Couldn’t Live Without: My daily cup of tea

Good Luck Charm: “My Scorpio necklace that I’ve had since grade eight.”

Strengths: People skills, intuitive, endurance

Fears/Phobias: A fear of flying, sharks, open dark water, snakes

Favourite Travel Destination: Anywhere warm with palm trees


Vanessa Morgan

Age: 21 (March 23, 1992)
Nickname: V, Vanny, Vava

Occupation: Actress

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

Place of Birth: Ottawa, ON

Couldn’t Live Without: My family and my dogs

Good Luck Charm: “A gold heart ring and gold cross I was given as a newborn.”

Strengths: Singing, acting, people skills

Fears/Phobias: The dark, sharks, dolls, spiders

Favourite Travel Destination: Greece


Vanessa and Celina are feisty sisters with a 10 year age difference between them. While they are best friends, when put in stressful situations they always fight and bicker. “I am the oldest, so I’m pretty much the boss,” says Celina. “Basically what I say goes.”


The bond between the sisters is enhanced by the inspiration they gather from their role model mom. And while both are petite, they don’t let their small size dictate their chances at winning THE AMAZING RACE CANADA. “We are the perfect contestants because we are two small girls who will dominate and take down the competition, says Vanessa.” At only 21, Vanessa is an accomplished actress (MY BABYSITTER’S A VAMPIRE, DEGRASSI: NEXT GENERATION) and Celina is a fashion model, but don’t let their good looks fool you – these girls came to play. “We don’t take bull,” says Celina. Adds Vanessa, “If someone is going to confront us, or be rude to us, or try to steal our secrets...well that’s not happening.”

“We are mini but mighty.”


How will they plan to win The Race: “We may come across as naive or clueless, and we would use this to our advantage as we are not. Also we have lots of experience travelling and in airports.”


Number one roadblock as team: “Any challenge that requires pure strength, we may be in trouble, because we are both very small. Little minis!”