Alvin Leung

Chef and Restaurateur

With his trademark blue-streaked hair, cross earrings, and revolutionary approach to the culinary art, Chef Alvin Leung is the enfant terrible of Hong Kong's dining scene. As owner of the acclaimed modern Chinese restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, Leung has single-handedly created a new taste sensation and established himself as one of the world’s top culinary innovators. Born in London, England, Leung grew up in Scarborough, Ont. He remains a dedicated hockey fan and Toronto Maple Leafs supporter.

The self-proclaimed ‘Demon Chef’ began cooking professionally in 2003 at a private restaurant which evolved into Bo Innovation. Contrary to his ‘rock and roll’ image, Leung is a professionally trained engineer who takes a methodical approach to every dish he presents. Bo Innovation features unique “X-treme Chinese” cuisine and became Hong Kong's only independent restaurant (not affiliated with a five-star hotel) to be awarded three Michelin stars. The restaurant has wowed diners and critics by modernizing centuries-old traditional ingredients and recipes with modern techniques and flavours.

In addition to Bo Innovation, Leung owns a second Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong called MIC Kitchen, offering a unique twist on modern comfort food. In September 2014, Leung opened his first Chinese medicine-inspired café in Shanghai, called Remedy 365.

In Asia, Leung is known for his 2011 food shows, THE MAVERICK CHEF and WOK STAR. North American viewers may be familiar with Leung from his guest appearances on shows such as ANTHONY BOURDAIN’S NO RESERVATIONS, RHODES ACROSS CHINA with Gary Rhodes, THE HAIRY BIKERS, and TOP CHEF MASTERS.