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MASTERCHEF CANADA provides an opportunity for Canadian amateur chefs to develop their culinary skills as they compete for the MASTERCHEF CANADA title. In keeping with the MASTERCHEF format, the contestants will face individual and team-based cooking challenges, which result in one or more home cooks being eliminated each week, until finally Canada’s next MASTERCHEF is crowned. Season 2 of the Canadian version of the internationally acclaimed series MASTERCHEF is coming winter 2015 to CTV.

MASTERCHEF is recognized as one of the most-successful primetime entertainment formats in the world. With over 50 adaptations of the format, the series is watched in more than 200 territories worldwide.

Winter 2015 on CTV

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# Title Description Assets Available
101 101: "White is the New Black"
After thousands applied across Canada, the Top 50 home cooks begin their quest to become the first-ever MASTERCHEF CANADA. Competing for $100,000 and the MASTERCHEF CANADA... See More
102 102: "Chicken Little"
Auditions for the Top 50 home cooks reach a dramatic conclusion as the final aprons are handed out.  The cooks enter their first challenge, a Stress Test, where they must... See More
103 103: "First Kick at the Box"
The home cooks enter the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen and face their first Mystery Box Challenge. A classic and highly versatile ingredient sends them in both sweet and savoury... See More
104 104: "The Puck Drops Here"
The home cooks arrive at the Air Canada Centre to discover that their very first team challenge involves making a power-packed training lunch for none other than The Toronto... See More
105 105: "Where's The Beef"
The home cooks face their second Mystery Box Challenge and this time victory rests on a lot of creativity and a little bit of elbow-grease.  They each have one meat grinder... See More
106 106: "Edible Art"
The home cooks arrive at Toronto’s historic Distillery District for a team challenge that requires the food to look as good as it tastes. Catering an exclusive art gallery event,... See More
107 107: "Brains Before Beauty"
The 11 finalists face an emotional Mystery Box challenge that takes them back to their roots – and the winner gets a compelling strategic advantage in the Elimination... See More
108 108: "Major Steaks"
The home cooks face their biggest team challenge yet at Canadian Forces Base Trenton. Using pop-up army field kitchens, they have to make a delicious steak dinner for 151... See More
109 109: "Great Canadian Bake Sale"
The home cooks raise their Mystery Boxes to reveal a jaw-dropping array of rare and challenging ingredients. They turn out to be a selection of the judges favourite things culled... See More
110 110: "Meals on Wheels"
The final 8 home cooks arrive at Toronto’s City Hall, the iconic location for a team challenge that tests their culinary skills and entrepreneurship. The red and blue teams must... See More
111 111: "Claws Out"
The final 7 home cooks face a Mystery Box challenge that pits them against a teeming tank of Nova Scotia lobsters.  The competitor who gets the most creative with their... See More
112 112: "Line of Fire"
The final 6 home cooks are confronted with a classic MASTERCHEF team challenge: the Restaurant Takeover – and the pressure is raised considerably when the red and blue teams... See More
113 113: "Family Style"
The final five home cooks are tasked with preparing a special family reunion dinner to be served in the MASTERCHEF CANADA Banquet Room. Emotions go through the roof when it’s... See More
114 114: "Not-Your-Average Joe"
It’s the most challenging Mystery Box of the season when the four finalists face the tough love of American MASTERCHEF judge Joe Bastianich, and create a dish with his favourite... See More